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ICAR 2011 Sweden

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This clip features the highlights of the 2011 International Mountain Rescue Congress in Åre, Sweden. The Swedish Civil Mountain Rescue Organization (CIFRO) hosted the platform to exchange the latest rescue technologie...

ICAR 2010 Slovakia

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This video features the highlights of the annual International Congress for Alpine Rescue (IKAR) that took place in the High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia in October of 2010. IKAR-CISA is the world wide open forum for m...

ICAR 2009 Zermatt

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This clip is a 20-minute video that features the highlights of the recent IKAR - CISA Mountain Rescue congress in Zermatt, Switzerland in September of 2009. It has been produced by Topograph Media for educational purp...

Eurocopter EC145 Flight around Matterhorn

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This clip was shot and edited by Topograph Media, taken from a Llama helicopter in September 2009 while shadowing a Eurocopter-145 on a hoist demonstration near Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. The soundtrack is a song call...

ICAR 2007 Pontresina, Switzerland

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This is the terrestrial demonstrations section for the IKAR 2007 video from Switzerland.

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