This is the second of 3 highlights videos from the International Congress for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) that took place in Killarney, Ireland in 2015. This video features 5 presentations: Kirk Mauthner, Comparison of Two Tension and Single Mainline Systems, Colonel Laurent Le GoffAir Forces Command, National Police of France, Coordination of the Air-Ground Response to the 2015 German Wings Air Disaster,  Ken Zafren, Medical Response to the 2015 Earthquake near Mount Everest, Dr. Greg Zen-Ruffinen,  Human Factors in Multi Casualty Avalanche Response, Tom Wood,  “Suicide Missions,” Rescuer Response to Suicide Incidents in the Mountains.  For more information about this video, as well as links to Parts 1 & 3, go to


Mountain Rescue

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