‘Big Wall Rescue’ – ICAR Andorra


‘Big Wall Rescue’

International Commission for Alpine Rescue – ICAR


1. Stein Moller, Norweigan Alpine Rescue Group Super Long Line Helicopter Pick-off
2. Prof. Dr. Volker Lischke, Bergwacht and German Red Cross Pelvic Injury Stabilization
3. Lana Donlagic, Dr. Med, Klinikum Klagenfurt am Worthesee Suspension Trauma
4. Christoph Cabarrot, Unit Leader, Bombers d’Andorra Search Dog Presentation
5. Laurent Arnaud, PGHM, and Pierre Bertolott, CRS Instructor, Big Wall Patient Immobilization
6. Tom Wood, US MRA, Mono Pod in Edge Transition
7. Ennio Rizotti, CNSAS Instructor Big Wall Rapelling Techniques
8. Andrea Sbisa, CNSAS Instructor Litter Operations in Waterfalls or Caves
9. Klemen Voluntar, Slovenian Mountain Rescue Instructor Pick Off under Overhanging Rock