‘Teamwork’ ICAR Zakopane



International Commission for Alpine Rescue – ICAR  2019

Part 1

Part 2

Timetable for Part 1 sections:

Introduction by TOPR Chief 1:00
Outdoor Demonstrations 1:48
#1 TOPR Dyneema Big Wall Rescue 2:51
#2 KWRO Petzl & Harken Systems 6:07
#3 MRA Small Party Cave Rescue 8:39
#4 NeoSoft SAR Mobile Location 13:51
#5 Team Resource Management 16:54
#6 Cave Specific Rescue Issues 19:09
#7 Stop the Bleeding Workshop 21:54
Helicopter Demonstrations 25:13
Resource Sheet: Outdoor Demonstrations on 09 October, 2019, in the Tatra National Park.
#1 TOPR (PL) Dyneema Rope for Big WallsSome materials and market research
Dyneema and Nylon Comparisons
#2 KWRO (CH) Petzl Maestro / Harken Winch
The Maestro has been in development for the past 3 years, but is expected to be available in January 2020, watch the Petzl Web Site for more detail.
Harken Industrial Information https://www.harkenindustrial.com/en/home/
For the Harken Riggers Winch see the following video
#3 MRA (USA) Cave Rescue Techniques
National Cave Rescue Commission http://ncrc.info/About Also see Part 2, ICAR 2018 video at 2:26 https://vimeo.com/305177326
#4 NEOSOFT cell phone location system
Deftools web site. http://www.deftools.com/en
NEOSOFT SAR Technology https://www.neosofttech.com/overview
This is new technology and still in the development phase. For more information send an e-mail to the spokesman.
Petras SAVICKAS sar@deftools.com
Helicopter shown in hoist demonstrations:
Sokół Helicopters, produced in Poland https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=1048
US National Cave Rescue Association http://www.ncrc.info/
European Cave Rescue Association https://caverescue.eu/cave-rescue-techniques/
Other useful web pages:
Tatra Mountain Rescue Service (TOPR) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatrza%C5%84skie_Ochotnicze_Pogotowie_Ratunkowe
Tatra Mountain Guides (many are volunteers with TOPR)


Timetable for Part 2 Sections:

Terrestrial Commission 1:20
Tactical Medicine 2:25
Avalanche Commission 7:10
Dog Handlers Sub-Commission 9:03
Medical Commission 10:50
Determination Of Death 11:50
Air Rescue Commission 14:37
Drone Use in Mountain Rescue 17:35
ICAR President’s Final Remarks 20:09
ICAR Part 2 Resource Sheet
For Commission Recommendations, go to:
Terrestrial Commission http://www.alpine-rescue.org/xCMS5/WebObjects/nexus5.woa/wa/icar?menuid=1075
Medical Commission
www.icar-med.com and http://www.alpine-rescue.org/xCMS5/WebObjects/nexus5.woa/wa/icar?menuid=1078
Consensus Guidelines on Alpine Emergency Medicine and Risk Reduction http://www.alpine-rescue.org/ikar-cisa/documents/2011/ikar20111027000798.pdf
Air Rescue Commission http://www.alpine-rescue.org/xCMS5/WebObjects/nexus5.woa/wa/icar?menuid=1076
Avalanche Rescue Commission http://www.alpine-rescue.org/xCMS5/WebObjects/nexus5.woa/wa/icar?menuid=1077
Dog Handlers Sub-Commission http://www.alpine-rescue.org/xCMS5/WebObjects/nexus5.woa/wa/icar?menuid=1115
Thanks to the 3 companies providing helicopters to ICAR 2019
Airbus Helicopters
Bell Helicopters
Leonardo Helicopters https://www.leonardocompany.com/en/air/helicopters?