‘The Effects of Climate Change of Mountain Rescue’ – ICAR Chamonix


‘The Effects of Climate Change of Mountain Rescue’

International Commission for Alpine Rescue – ICAR


1. 01:18 Mayor of Chamonix Eric Fournier welcome to participants
2. 02:58 Lt. Col. St├ęphane Bozon, Commandant PGHM Chamonix Welcome and narration of glacier demonstrations on the Heilbronn
3. 06:50 Dr. Chris Van Tilburg USA Mountain Medicine Physician Medical Stations summary including resuscitation and medical simulations
4. 08:00 Dr. Matthias Jacob, Bergwacht Bayern, Germany Mechanical CPR methods
5. 10:40 Pierre Pippon CRS Secours En Montagne, France Spinal Stabilization during Helicopter Evacuation
6. 11:20 Kuba Hornowski (Zakopane Poland) Avalanche Stations and Workshops: Beacons, probing and shoveling techniques
7. 17:10 Marc Almonte CNEAS CRS Dog Handlers Workshop
8. 18:30 Equipment outdoor demonstrations by TYROMONT, PETZL and ORTOVOX
9. 20:15 Anne Revilliod, La Chamoniarde in Chamonix, Safety Workshop for Local Youth
10. 21:27 Night Cliff Rescue Demonstrations